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Liturgical Music

Music is the most abstract form of the arts, it has no concrete image. In a miraculous way music can reflect the soul mood, the spiritual atmosphere depicted by the author in his work. Taking into consideration that ecclesiastical creativity is, in essence, conciliar, you can realize why church singing is of great importance for Divine Services. Not distracting the worshipper’s attention from the words of the prayer, the znamenny singing helps to hear and comprehend the text, emphasizes its sense and purport, but not only by the performing modes such as loud-voiced singing, melismas or solo parts. The ancient znamenny chants have something different: strict melodics, the profoundly and thoroughly elaborated musical form, having been well thought over by the old-times hymnographers with the only purpose to aid in feeling the prayer’s words.

CD - you can read the description of the monastery CD recordings in the CD section.
The Selected - the selection of the best liturgical musical pieces.
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Live recordings - the recordings made at the church during the Divine Services.
Pasha - the Paschal liturgical music.
Lent - the Songs of repentance of the Lent.
Sunday Vigil - the recording of the Sunday All-Night Vigil.
Saint Petersburg - the recordings of the choir of the Valaam Monastery Metochion in Saint Petersburg.
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The Transfiguration - feast of Transfiguration of the Savior.
Nativity - the Nativity hymns.
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